NEXT 100

Download Melanie Lutz's LOVE LANDFor the next 100 days I am going to consider the possibility there is another way…


For everyone who has felt different. Who has a dream and doesn’t know what to do next. Who didn’t think anyone would be there… you are not alone.


Everything started in love knows how to return to that space. It is time to double down on our efforts to extend love.

Whether it is Downloading a copy of the Love Land digital Next Level workbook as our gift or buying the book for yourself or a loved one.

This simple practice of thinking with loving thoughts opens gateways previously unseen, busts down doors limiting your options and expands your heart’s joyful song — exponentially.

With infinite love and deep gratitude for all your experiences, for the gift that you are and your complete openness that continues to be a blessing.

Love, Mel

7 Mels Love Land Making Love a Priority

Congratulations on Your Love Project Mel's Love Land #next100 Melanie Lutz


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