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MELS LOVE LAND: All Systems Love (original Docu-Series) is the true story of what happened when Mel set out to Love Everyone.

What would the world be like if all our thoughts were loving?

Imagine the possibilities of peace, productivity and prosperity on the planet.

It is time to find out.



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Making love the bottom line, to see the world with love is a movement of the heart, a philosophy and a way of life, a commitment to see the world with love represents a way of being in the world where each day is truly a new day filled with total joy and limitless possibility.  Every community becomes a land filled with love.  Mels Love Land celebrates this connection into our humanity and actively sets the stage for more and more love.

Mels Love Land: Docu-Series Promo 1 consider the possibility from Melanie Lutz on Vimeo.

Everywhere you go is an opportunity no matter what the circumstance to experience your own personal Love Land, seeing with the vision of the heart sharing in its joy, its essence and deep purpose for being.

What Would the World be Like if All our Thoughts Were Loving Mels Love Land Documentary-27


MELS LOVE LAND: All Systems Love 

-vibrational transformation

-right use full ness of Love

-evolution of our soul

-shifts and harmony with constant change

-lovingly expression the experience of our gifts

-expressing harmony and balance