This is How You Do It. Make a Commitment to You

Take a leap into your life with faith and grace. When what you see isn’t what you want, it is time to make a commitment to you. To what you want to see. To be the person that you know you were born to be. Faith is an aspect of consciousness, “We either have faith in…

A Gift for Valentine’s Day!

ABOUT THE BOOK LOVE LAND  brings together loving thoughts and essays in one impactful book to light bulb the way through your days with love. “In this loving jolt to the system, Melanie Lutz’s beautiful words leave you feeling happy from the inside out with a song in your heart and a complete desire to…

A Teeny Tiny Prayer – Rain

May it rain money May it rain joy May it rain love May it rain abundance All the days of your life Wishing you… This day and everyday… Endless Light and Abundance. BIEN S’AMUSER & Con tanto Amore!

A Teeny Tiny Prayer – Love

May I have peace in my heart opening the door to an eternity of great love. In Grace and Appreciation. With LOVE, Melanie from Melanie Lutz presents LOVE LAND

Cura Et Labore

chapter one   There is a garden growing and flourishing brilliantly within the ground of your being utilizing divine intelligence symbiotically blossoming in service to the highest expression of who you are. This garden is nourished by Love. In the preface to Emanuel Swedenborg’s Divine Love and Wisdom the Latin Translator of the text talks…