I Stand Up for You. Justice. Love. Peace.

We are almost 18 years into the 21st century. Our systems are catching up. Some are woke, others are broke, others are lining their third homes with fur lined bathrooms, either way, change is here. Prayers for those ending 20th century thought forms. Prayers for those feeling into the 21st century. Gentle both. We need you to open your heart and take a stand for freedom.

Aligning our systems in loving principles means respect, truth, integrity, grace, mercy, kindness as we bridge the world of possibilities where every person has food and work and love and there is no war and conflicts are resolved through honorable effective communication without agenda other than to bring more love into our families and communities.

All Systems Love brings us to the center of our 21st Century spirits, new pathways, peace, joy, care for each other, a good neighborhood with brotherhood enough for all of us.

Thank you for always staying true to your authentic self.

It all means nothing if you don’t stand up for something. I stand up for you. Diane Warren words sung by Andra Day


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