Mel Love Talks. Join us in Celebrating What Is!

Mel talks about the upcoming – Mels Love Land: All Systems Love 7th Annual Next100 will kick off 1/11/18 – if you want to join us become a Love Activist Now…. Love knows an alternative exists.

Mels Love Notes:

The essence of life is to transmit love. or if you prefer it in French l’essence de la vie est de transmettre l’amour. No matter the words, the feeling, the experience is how Love operates.

Today is always the day, no matter what happened, to begin again, to Choose again. Choose differently. Choose to see everything differently.

Ask yourself Who are you going to be on the other side of any action you take?

Affirm with clarity and grace. ‘I am willing to see this differently. I am willing to make a choice to breath in peace and breath out love.’

Speak about things that matter.

Be kinder today than you were yesterday.

Offer gratitude as you go. Participate in the collective and collaborative heart beating in action.

We speak of love so our words will extend as inspiration and care for all we meet.

Want to Start 2018 with Lots of Love?

Here are a few options:

  1. Subscribe to Mels Love Land MiniMag by ordering a print version here.
  2. Join the Love Activism Movement by signing up for our Mels Love Land: All Systems Love 7th Annual Next 100 – Why We Speak of Love  here.
  3. Let’s be love as we move into 2018 with abundance and miracles and joy together.  Email us if you want to co-sponsor the All Systems Love Movement 2018
  4. Sign up to host a Mels Love Land: All Systems Love orginal Docu-Series night of LOVE!

7th Annual Next100 (3)

Mels Love Land started with a repeating affirmation…

For the Next100 days I am going to consider the possibility there is another way.

I won’t speak about war. I will feel love.

I won’t speak about what isn’t working, I will appreciate what is.

And has continued to include our annual NEXT 100, a MiniMag and the upcoming original Docu-Series.

Interested in getting involved. email



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