There is No Freedom if we have No Choice. Love Brings Clarity and opens Doors. The Gift of Felici.

My friends horse Felici died a few years ago launching her into her spirited calling. Her Horse owner reported recently Felici is Sheparding newly deceased souls that have left their earthly body transporting the newly departed with greater grace and ease onward through limbo into heaven. I like the sound of this and am grateful Felici has been put to good use. It was hard to say goodby to Felic but in Italian Felici means Happiness and it was easy to connect to the Happiness that was now untethered. As I think about the uses of Happiness and how in her passing Felici found how to make good use of her gifts. I think about the ideas Felici taught me and the Happiness she continues to spread in some dark times and circumstances where people are disoriented and in need of support. As a matter of fact Her graceful spirit comes to mind often. I find myself making requests for her to shepherd me through difficult times to bring me to open doors, to send souls my way so that I may continue to be of use. She reminds me to put my love into right use, into Happy spaces, to make a choice to be use full. Love in action is a choice. We remember to choose happiness in our work, to call it in, to experience the freedom of each moment released into the present moment receiving all the help available from whoever and whatever is closest. It is with great Happiness I share today’s loving prayer. May love free all of us to make use full happy choices. May Happiness guide us home ad may we understand the joy of freedom.

Love, Mel


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