12 Good Things to Know on the Road to Mels Love Land

1) When you think it hurts to much to love and you want to close your heart and call them names and point out why they are assholes, love more deeply, it only means that you love yourself enough to remember how closing your heart brings you pain.

The heart is the force of truth allow it to live its truth and have fun going along for the ride.

2)  Wisdom and understanding and forgiveness flow freely from an open heart.

Love Melanie Lutz
Giving acknowledges you know how much you have received.  It reminds you that the flow of life is eternal as energy in loving motion of the profound extension of possibilities.

3)  Giving is receiving in loving action.

 Opening a special present box
Celebrate what falls away and demonstrates the grace of the cycles of life.

4) Losses are openings to a beautiful understanding of the magic of nature.

Release and Let Go
When you choose Love.  You choose to embrace your authentic path, purpose, soul’s code and learn to be at peace with all outcomes as the gifts that they are.  The unfriending.  The disappearing acts. The blow ups the extra and extraordinary love that flows in and you recognize as the completion of your cycle of life.

5) The work of love always being the answer – arrives at many results.

When something goes, allow it the grace and blessing and privilege of its flow cycle as you embrace yours.  Wanting something to be different than it is keeps you living in the gap.  Embrace what is and find the explosive joy of ecstatic recognition of your loving self.

6) What disappears in the practice of love is not meant for you (at this time.)

Mels love land Melanie Lutz
Do not accept unacceptable behavior.  Do not accept unacceptable behavior.  Do not accept unacceptable behavior.

7)  Love sometimes brings in a punch in the face, this does not mean there is anything wrong with loving someone.  It means that you take back your keys, move quickly away from them.

Accept Joy Mels Love Land Melanie Lutz
Vortex your life.  Connect deeply and sensually with the world.

8) When love becomes the way you move through the world you are a loving vortex of joy, a person in whose presence people feel the connection to the eternal.

Nothing that comes up changes that force of aliveness.


9) No matter how many labels, ideas, letters, slurs, hashtags, we are all the same in love.

Handmade with Love Just for You

Seeds are planted for change, for food, for love, for empowerment, for nourishment, for ideas, for dreams, for life, for joy for passion, for humanity, for society, for government rulers for leaders for peace.

10) Seeds always grow.  Plant them with love and save yourself the heartache of the weeds of anxiety and fear.

Love is.

11) Love never ends and remains long beyond the form of the individual.

Victory Melanie Lutz

There was an expression I heard a long time ago at the Post Office by one of the long time workers.  “Bend over, here it comes Again.”  (BOHICA)  You get to do everything again.  No worries.

12) The earth has been spinning around for a long ass time.

give back Mels Love Land
Keep the smiles and the joy and the grace and the forgiveness flowing.
These Loving thoughts are part of #MelsLoveLand All Systems Love Download PDF 11 Ways to Let Love Lead the Way Here.Enjoy this tiny prayer — May love surround you and work through you. May you offer your heart to the service of love. May you find peace today and everyday. May blessings and peace flourish in your presence.

To join the Mels Love Land team, become a love activist, contribute to Mels Love Land #MiniMag or learn more about becoming an Ambassador of Love please email info@alwaysalice.com

Download the PDF of the latest Mels Love Land #MiniMag MELS LOVE LAND ISSUE 10| SOUL CELEBRATION here


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