Mels Love Land Talks – Celebrating Who We Are. Add light to every conversation. Lolly Willowes.

This Mels Love Land talk includes a reading of Lolly Willowes a satirical comedy of manners incorporating elements of fantasy, it is the story of a middle-aged spinster who moves to a country village to escape her controlling relatives and takes up the practice of witchcraft written in 1926. My friend Lydia selected a conversation with the Devil to read. Thanks to Lydia for sharing and for the inspiration. Be inspired to take action today and everyday, no matter what the call. (With Love).

“When I think of Witches I see women growing old… I see it all.”

Lolly Willowes; or The Loving Huntsman is the first novel by Sylvia Townsend Warner

Mels Love Land started as a book and now continues as a #MiniMag. Join us and satisfy your passion for adventure.


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