STAND UP. SPEAK OUT. TAKE ACTION. Right Now. For what you know to be true.

We have the opportunity right now to assume any position we want to assume, why not choose Love?  What loving action is calling to be made, right now. What expression of joy wants to flow forward into the world? What peace filled experience do you want to share? Now is the time.


The man or woman in the mirror who needs to remember the truth of who you are and why you are here on the planet is staring back at you ready for action.  Now is the time.

There are a lot of conversations we could be having about how tricky these situations we find ourselves in is, or how caught up I am in my feelings, and spending energy explaining everything, but, the only conversation we need to have is ‘Am I being loving?  Am I being compassionate?  Am I being kind? Am I being of service?’ If the answer you get back is no.  Take a moment to consider the possibility today is a day for a shift. Standing in the light of your authentic self in the seat of your soul’s code.

This is the space of remembering we are powerful beyond measure and this is who we always are.  It is our birthright.


We can’t keep up with everything that is taking place in the world and we do no not have time to worry about what we can do nothing about.  Our voice is important.  Exercising that voice with love is our responsibility. Growing up in the commonwealth of Pennsylvannia in the heart of William Penn’s influence of Quakerism where ‘every voice counts’ we rise into the truth, the microcosm is the macrocosm, our internal expression and voice is everything as we are all one.

As such, the focus falls to the individual.  It falls to the places and spaces of our personal playing field in our present community.  The areas of our hearts where we are in community with the world.


Doing the right thing is only possible when we have been taught to practice loving thought, when we have a discipline to move through the every creating illusions of our fears.

Let’s trust in love and make that the bottom line.

The work is simple. Be Love. Consider the possibility there is another way to look at any situation and to be joy filled in your loving actions.  Life is an ongoing exercise of love in compassionate action.  It is all things in all ways and the essence of a people’s faith in each other.

If you have any thoughts or want to contribute to our next Mels Love Land annual event or our ongoing #MiniMag please reach out

6th MELS LOVE LAND Melanie Lutz-2

Melanie Lutz is a screen writer and love advocate living in Los Angeles, CA.  Also, for more information on what’s happening in Mel Town check out …



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