Faith in Ourselves and the Universe At Large Mels Love Land #Next100 Day

Consider the possibility today, everyone you meet is offering you a gift.  Let everything reveal itself exactly as it is exercising your inner musculature of not doing — and just be.

While you are practicing this new vision and interaction with the world at large, entertaining that certain inner stillness of amazingness– don’t forget…

“If there’s no one beside you when your soul embarks

I’ll follow you into the dark.”

Since there are always endless possibilities on interpreting the same words — here’s a fascinating cover of the Death Cab for Cutie’s I’ll Follow You Into the Dark by Amanda Palmer at the Edinburgh fringe festival…

Nothing to cry about.

May you feel connected, comforted and full of peace
Today. Now. Always.
May you be lead to a profound, blessed opening in your vision of what is
into all that awaits…
In Grace and appreciation,
honoring Melanie Lutz’s work of loving thoughts Mels Love Land.

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