Claim Peace. Surrender Your Heart. Make it an I AM day. Mels Love Land Day 15

To be afforded insight into the human heart, to be able to bare witness to the light bulb moments, reconnecting and resurrecting parts of yourself that had long lay dormant, detoxing from whatever weighs you down, is intense. Surrender your defenses and open your heart. It is okay. You are not alone. You are not alone in your feelings, you are not alone in you mistakes. We are all connected in that space of the heart.

Make today an I AM to remember.

I am present

I am grateful

I am blessed

I am joy

I am Patient

I am creative

I am Hope

I am miracles

I am supported

I am content

I am ever evolving

I am Loved

A love that is ever connected, ever free and whole hearted.

As you make statements that nourish your loving heart. Enjoy acceptance and remember you have all the support necessary and are always surrounded in love, created from love and are unconditionally approved of for who you are, as you are.  You will arrive where you are to be without fail.

As you move more deeply into your hearts power and its natural beats of giving and receiving, anything that feels like a struggle, the inner attacks and arrows, and co-dependence and mistakes, will weaken in their effects on your loving actions.  You will begin to see them as the blessings they are.

Enjoy your I am’s in full surrender melting into source and connection necessary for the work ahead.

We have been brought together for healing, ourselves and the world.  Have faith in the unfoldment of your heart.  The ease and trust and faith in this force for good is an experience worth releasing into.

Make inner peace a priority. In the most gentle of ways, enjoy today as an exercise of love and allowing all to be as it is as you release into your path and stay completely open and in service to the mission of today.

May you feel connected, comforted and full of peace

Today. Now. Always.

May your soul be full of joy and your life ignite in ways you never dreamed possible…

With Infinite Love and Gratitude5 Mels Love Land


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