No one knows the full story. No one is in charge of how you need to feel. No one is holding you prisoner.  Get out of your own way and listen to your heart.

Be grateful for the gifts you have been given and all the opportunities that come your way as you celebrate your accomplishments.  Each and every one.

Life is made up all kinds of opportunities, no matter what happens, to say,  ‘YES! I am amazing. I learned a great lesson.’  ‘That rocked that, and I figured it out.’ or  and my personal favorite, ‘Miracles!’

Have a miracle.  Today and everyday.

We have all heard the great truth, ‘what other people think of me is none of my business.’

From Genesis – “As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good in order to bring about this present result, to preserve many people alive. So therefore, do not be afraid; I will provide for you.”

It doesn’t matter if you succeed or fail, just that you keep on keeping on in your practice of Loving you.  Who is to say what is a success or failure you never know.  You learn by mistakes and failures and testing and trying and using more and more of your intuition.  Life is progressive.  We give everything all the meaning it has.

My therapist, Vanessa shared this story with me, which never fails to remind me the process is everything, the outcome isn’t.

“Last weekend I went to a high school golf match and there was a Young Boy who came off the links after 18 holes with quite a disastrously high scoring round.  In contrast to how bad we all felt, for him the beating he took with his last place triple digit finish, was. “That was awesome.” with a huge smile on his face and a look of total enjoyment in response to his Dad’s question ‘Are you okay?’

“Isn’t it fantastic Dad. I am headed in the right direction.”

You are headed in the right direction.

Live in the light of that truth.

STAY GROUNDED in gratitude.

The grounded self can accept comments, can understand the
context in which advice is offered, can even establish the
necessary boundaries to take the words in. A centered self
can respond, react, evaluate and utilize input. The crazed
judging unloving self has no business even trying.

Define success for yourself.

May you feel connected, comforted and full of peace

Today. Now. Always.

May your roots flourish in the earthiness of your being.

With Infinite Love and Gratitude

dictionary definition of Success loveland

Take Mel’s Love Land Pledge

For the #Next100 Days I am going to consider the possibility there is another way….

I won’t judge success or failure.  I will celebrate my effort and action.

I will listen and stay open to the loving action that needs to be taken

I will encourage others to fly.

I won’t stay asleep, I will awaken to the truth.

I will take flight into the possibility of the present moment.

I will see the truth shining through each heart I meet.

I will follow my still small voice in owning what I know

I will let love lead the way.

I will savor the fruits of my labor.

I won’t stay stuck in my story, I will quite simple love the adventure.

I won’t shy away from what needs to be done.  I will impact every situation with love.

I won’t listen to sounds of discontent.  I will harmonize in my happiest self.

I won’t test anyone or anything trying to prove a point.  I will have acceptance and forgiveness for who I am, right now.

I won’t hide in the shadows. I will ignite my light!

I won’t shy away from commitment, I will practice showing up for myself

I won’t focus on the negative, I will accentuate the positive

I won’t worry about what might happen, I will celebrate what does

I will have a miracle.

I won’t talk about war, I will feel peace.

I won’t talk about what isn’t working. I will experience what is.

I won’t complain about what people don’t do. I will appreciate what they do.

Cura Et Labore “with care and work”

I am going to allow myself to be uplifted.

And be willing to see change. In a new light.

In what’s remembered.

With Love


For more information check out all systems love


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