You hit the point where excuses are not acceptable. Whatever it takes, make a commitment to yourself and keep it.

Do it… No No… Seriously.

You are getting into the Love zone, making a shift in your heart, the commitment to do it no matter what, to show up and take the loving action that is possible even if there is resistance.  Choose to see it differently and do it.

Don’t stop now.

Make Love your mantra as the total purpose of doing what is next takes flight in your life. See actions in the world, if not actively loving, as a call for more love.   Allow a flow of magnificence to flourish throughout your experiences mastering this loving energy that is so present in all of our days.

This choice of love will change the world in ways we cannot even predict. Love is our richest resource and tool.

Remember, no matter what is going on that Love is Gonna break through, no matter what.

From Chris Rice’s beautiful song Love is Gonna Break Through–

My heart pounds with a thunder
I stop and wonder
what should we do with life’s surprises.
Everyday the sun rises on us
Like a swing set in the grave yard
like a bloom in the desert sand
Look at my trembling hands
It hits me like lightning
Love must keep fighting
Somehow every time
Love is gonna break through

Love absolutely knows how to breakthrough rising after the darkness in full and complete glorious cycles.

“From his book Stride Toward Freedom Martin Luther King, Jr. wrote… Mahatma Gandhi never had more than one hundred persons absolutely committed to his philosophy. But with this small group of devoted followers, he galvanized the whole of India, and through a magnificent feat of nonviolence challenged the might of the British Empire and won freedom for his people. This method of nonviolence will not work miracles overnight. Men are not easily moved from their mental ruts, their prejudiced and irrational feelings.”

While it might not be overnight, the effort and commitment needs to be made to remember compassionate action with love is the stance necessary to bring about understanding and connection and change. The love makers are standing strongly in the light of new tomorrows.

In Gandhi, this master teacher, sparks an inner fire of truth built into humanities operating system. The virtuality of instant connection reclaimed in the form of increasing gravitas and endless possibility.   Turning into the principles of commitment and love and compassion, where message matters most, hipping in to the grounded connection in that river of strength, courage and truth that comes from under-standing this unbending mechanism of humanity. A great service will befall the world, society and most importantly the community in which you reside as love grounds deeply through your being. Critical Mass is the whole enchilada, the number of us doesn’t matter, it is merely a commitment to stand in principle with the discipline of our loving actions and make a change, one moment at a time, with intention and joy and openness.

May you feel connected, comforted and full of peace

Today. Now. Always.

May love lead the way

May discipline be your companion

And May all efforts have the energy of your intention.

2074394_Do You Believe In Miracles

With Infinite Love and Gratitude

Take Mel’s Love Land pledge.  For the #Next100 Days I am going to consider the possibility there is another way….


For more information check out all systems love


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