Take These Broken Wings and Learn to Fly Free!


To be rich in admiration and free from envy, to rejoice greatly in the good of others, to love with such generosity of heart that your love is still a dear possession in absence or unkindness – these are the gifts which money cannot buy.

Robert Louis Stevenson

I recenter in my body
I realign with my breathing
I love myself in each rise and fall of my chest
Connecting with the field of limitless possibility
I stay open to the surprise of the moment
In alignment with my authentic self
Free from fear and ego
And the tyranny of my thinking
Clearing any energy picked up along the way
I relax into the truth
Wholly free.

It is time to birth a new possibility. Where responsibility is the true course of human destiny.  When I am tempted to close my heart for any reason I move through a process that works for me, that I have experienced and experimented with and have surrendered to. Trusting.

 Anything worth my love is worth the fight.

Kenny Loggins I’m Free (Heaven Help the Man)

Heaven Helps The Man Who Fights His Fear
Love’s the only thing that keeps me here
You’re the reason that I’m hanging on
My heart’s staying where my heart belongs
(I’m Free)





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