Love Paves the Way to the Bridge of Understanding

Use any and every available loving tool to support your growth and expansion.  Allow the ease and effortlessness of those who have gone before you to light the way to the truth.

“Across this bridge, as powerful as love which laid its blessing on it, are all dreams of evil and of hatred and attack brought silently to truth.  ….He does not have to fight to save himself. He does not have to kill the dragons which he thought pursued him. Nor need he erect the heavy walls of stone and iron doors he thought would make him safe. He can remove the ponderous and useless armor made to chain his mind to fear and misery. His step is light, and as he lifts his foot to stride ahead a star is left behind, to point the way to those who follow him.

No one is crucified alone, and yet no one can enter Heaven by himself.”  ACIM

The symbol of this bridge in and out of the heart and in and out of illusion is available in every situation with forgiveness as part of the magic and miraculousness of love in action.

#loveland101 JOY


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