Love Without Holding Back – Deeply Receive What Love is Bringing Your Way #LoveLand101

There’s a quote that always gets me “Your willingness is everything.”

Be willing today to love in a way that is wholly connected and grounded, that is purposeful and filled with the intent of flooding every situation with love.

Be someone today who makes kindness a practice and a process. Who takes Love up a notch.  Who grows and expresses and expands with each breath the love quotient in your neighborhood.

Now is the time to be love. To live in love’s light and to express and explore all that means.  Celebrate the Love in your heart and fill all your surroundings with its power.

I have been reading a page from Martin Luther King Jr.’s Testament of Hope as a supplement to my love based writings and it never fails to stir my soul and bring to my mind the fullest power of love to transcend what is fearfully entrenched and untrue.  Our willingness to release what is weighing down our evolution is a commitment we make everyday to use the power of love to shift our perceptions and release our hard line points of view that get in the way of peace.  Today I saw this on page 383 – a conversation and interview from Meet the Press~

King responds to a question from LAWRENCE E. SPIVAK:  Dr. King, The Superintendent of police in Chicago, said the other day that your civil rights tactics have aroused hatred among Chicago white residents and are hampering the Negros progress.  What is your answer to that?

KING:  Well, my answer is that is totally erroneous.  Our civil rights efforts have not aroused hatred, they have revealed a hatred that already existed. There is no doubt about the latent hostilities existing have come out into the open, and I don’t think you can blame the Civil Rights Movement for that.  Certainly no one would blame the Physician for using his instruments and his skills and his know how to reveal he has cancer.  Indeed, one would praise a physician for having the wisdom and judgment and the power to do that.

Now, we have only revealed in Chicago that there is blatant social, hate filled cancer, and we haven’t said even that’s an eternal state.  We feel it is curable, that it can be cured.   But, there is no doubt that the hate is here. We didn’t create it, we merely exposed it and brought it to the surface.”

Take a look at where and what this hatred sits on within your system.  Be willing to release it.  Be willing to own the root of whatever this belief is and leave it where it belongs — in the burning arms of the sacred heart of love disappearing into that fire of grace.  Be grateful for the love we all share.  Be happy with what each breath represents a reminder that we are alive and have the power to rise into the most powerful expression of our humanity.  To do what is necessary to enliven our community.  To quite simply be a space and person in which others feel more love and joy enabling them to release what they are carrying as a burden and remember in the truest space we are all one.

Each time you love unconditionally the deeper river of peace begins to flow again, with hope reborn and energy restored to walk forward through the darkness with lightened steps along the road that suddenly seems easy.

Make a choice to be love.

Have an amazingly wonderful day~!



Strength for the Journey - WISDOM #LoveLAND101


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