In This Space of the Human Heart I Wish You Way More Than Love

We are in a beautiful time of shifts and change where what we decide to focus on will be our legacy moving forward.

To write about AMP Experience is like describing a lightning strike in all its brilliant power. Bringing together a committed group of sheer awesomeness in the tradition of a Sunday Tea to discuss issues and share experiences opens up space to ignite new possibilities where anything can happen as ideas and hearts join together in celebration and joy and community.

When I heard the story told by Jean Huston at Marianne Williamson’s Sister Giant last year about this nations most bad ass FLOTUS, Eleanor Roosevelt, inviting all the female high school senior class presidents across the country to the White House for a Tea to discuss the role of women to bring about peace in a world searching for ways to heal I thought, that is some forward thinking inspirational seed planting in the minds and hearts and souls of the perfect target group.  It got me thinking how important it is to shine light for those who will follow in our footsteps taking a stand to open new territory and space to extend peace on earth.  From that spark of intention the idea for a Make History Sunday Tea with a call to action to be more of who we are, collectively and individually, took flight.

Since Eleanor Roosevelt has long been an inspiration representing for me the courage of a trailblazer, the heart of a dreamer, the fortitude of grace and the excellence of consistent vision it makes me happy to not only honor her with a tea, but to include the spirit of all who have come before us, inspiring us, cheering us on as we take a stand for the hero that lies within each of us to do what must be done regardless of reward or recognition.

Each of us has a function that only we can perform.  We celebrate this function by being who we are, taking a stand for what needs to be done, to encourage any loving action necessary, exercising compassion through whatever doubt and fear comes up remembering compassionate action is a mechanism of rising as Martin Luther King, Jr. stated “through blindness, fear, pride, and irrationality that have allowed consciences to go to sleep.”  In each act of waking up to our way of being, we honor the spirit of wholeness.

I say today as we lean into the idea of making history.  We must find a way.  We must find a way to reach into our hearts and take a stand for compassion in our daily interactions here on earth.

Thanks for being a part of this community as we reflect on the past and nourish our present focusing on celebrating and releasing the past having learned its lessons, making the connections to the endless cycles of change as we hold space for each others growth, recognition and cultivation of the miraculous expansion of possibility, remembering we are powerful beyond measure.

In this space of the human heart I wish you way more than love.

May the conversation of peace on earth continue every time you brew a cup tea.

AMP EXPERIENCE SUNDAY TEA The Last Bookstore - Melanie Lutz

AMP Experience will be at The Last Bookstore 9/29 at Noon for our Make History Event continuing our tradition of building communities with love.  Please join us for this event or one of our future events. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you would love to get involved.  Register here.

Big Thank You to The Last Bookstore for being a light in the world of something we love dearly, the written word.

Super Loving Thanks to our beautiful AMP Experience Members and Sponsors and Supporters and Community including…

Dotstudioz, Liverpool Jeans Company, Vintage Villager, Create with Jenna,, Conscious Rockstar, Inner Power Coaching,, LegalShield and our Make History non-profit community program selection Dance from the Heart.


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