Accentuate the Positive. Affirm the Truth with Love.

Start your day with words that are soul nourishing.  Read this before you open your computer or look at your phone.  See how this one act of self love shifts your perception…

I am my own guardian angel.
I have my guides and my legions of angels all around me
Enabling me to love deeply and openly.
I am safe beyond anything my mind can mentally create.
I am safe to let life expand in glorious ways.
I am worthy and I am loved.
Let me not forget to shine brightly
Allowing me to glow in my greatness.
I am now awake. I know the truth which is:
I am Whole. I am here to thrive.
I am here to be an example of Love and Happiness.
I am here to spread joy and be an inspiration to myself and those I meet.

Let this mantra light your way for the days ahead

lots of Love,


love land-petals-box melanie lutz


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