Don’t be Afraid of “I LOVE YOU”

By the time you fall in Love with the “one” you are hooked. The energy of his being has entered your aura.  There’s an element of letting down after the long journey, you’ve surrendered your body and when the “I Love You” flows back and forth your defenses fall, resulting in a system wide relaxer and sense and sensibility shut down. Everyone takes a vacation as spirit has entered “Love” land.

Here’s where it gets interesting. We are all human beings. Just as the tides ebb and flow so do our moods and levels of open-ness.  Love always remains how we access it shifts.

While Love is always present sometimes we are not.

Your partner is going to say something unkind, they are definitely going to trigger you, they may even accidentally step (accidentally) on your big toe, without a doubt there will be an offensive statement or two on the way to hurting your feelings.

Your job is to play on your side of the net to remember where love resides. To let the truth ring out of each statement with love.  No amount of love you hope to get from someone is ever going to be enough to end the pain from whatever wound cries out that it is needed.  No amount of love we give to another person is ever going to solve their pains or fix them.  The pain ends when we realize the source of Love resides within our own being and we are absolutely capable of connecting to that source of Love.  By deepening the experience of our connection to love we experience love.  Available anytime we need it.  It does not reside in another person.  Love is not something we get from the other, but something that is available in a space of openness and connection within.

Enjoy so much love today and everyday and celebrate the people in your life that expand your experience of Love.

Melanie Lutz presents LOVE LAND — Tip#228


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  1. Mina B says:

    Exactly Dude!

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