For Your Consideration – Love Beyond Form

Words can be the most deadly because they are describing the indescribable essence of energies, emotions, feelings, nuance, vibration. Words are a high wire act attempting to communicate the interpretive dance of humanity’s interactions. We all have attachments to certain words that other people do not have. We all have ways we see based on the stories we have created that generally have very little basis on the truth and when we add to that the concept that people hear you from the level you are speaking from communication can be complicated. There are many walls created by words, symbols, gestures, beliefs that are used to represent feelings, expression, meaning and they are all man made individually lensed through past experience which is an illusion because the past is not the present and the future is not yet. Get comfortable with listening at the deeper levels of connection, awakening anew with each breath. You are okay no matter what may be presenting itself. Hold the deeper space. Don’t get caught up in words, images, archetypes, or the people and thoughts different than your own. Listen to what is being expressed on the deeper vibrational space of our human feelings. Let the lens of love shift any judgments.

How we keep our heart open is the challenge of the human condition. Boundaries of open-ness are the stance of Love, allowing you to move through the world with doors opening as you stride confidently fully alive and majestically broadcasting your note.

We’re all familiar with the ego at this point. That piece of the puzzle of humanity that likes to keep separation in place, that wants to control that which is uncontrollable, that wants to whisper seemingly innocuous thoughts into your consciousness keeping you bound in fear.

The universe will respond fully to your slightest invitation to see a situation beyond the prison created by the barriers of fear. Stop enslaving yourself in the chains of your past.

“You are afraid that without the ego all would be chaos but I assure you without the ego all would be love.”  ACIM

In love everything is possible. It is your choice how you want to see it. What judgments are going to limit your possibilities today?  What past events are going to hold you hostage to a pattern that will never serve any of your needs.

We remember together. So when we see beyond the form presented a brother can too, reaching to the space where connection flourishes, co-creating fabulousness.

Be willing to “go there” with every part of your life. Deeply listening to what is being said in Love.

Excerpted from Melanie Lutz presents LOVE LAND.


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