MY HEART BEATS to the Rhythm of Love


Belle Amour peeps!!

The words “I Love You” spoken in moments of genuine appreciation, wonder or caring arise from something perfectly pure within us — the capacity to open ourselves and say yes without reserve. Such moments of pure openheartedness bring us as close to natural perfection as we come in this life. The radiant yes of the heart is perfect like the sun in bringing all things to life nourishing all that is truly human. — John Welwood


To the brightest Angels and most entertaining Taurus teachers in my life Connie Siu, Maria Angela Perna and Jason Gurvitz, to my best friend Heather Rem and her partner Jake Lee who delivered into the world the most delicious and delightful Hannah Bella Lee, a true treasure in this or any lifetime, to the ever changing and always inspiring Jennifer Malone, whose ever organizing spirit taught me that Love always shows up as required with generosity of spirit and fresh air, to Jonna Tamases for walking the walk and talking the talk and shining her light as brightly and as brilliantly as is required with her husband Anthony Yeo illuminating the artists way, to Kay Gintel and Shirley Gintel who in their eighties and nineties respectively offer daily inspiration on what it means to grow younger making each day count, to Vanessa L. Bland for walking with me through some wild and terrifying terrain with grace and respect and always in Love, to my Mom and Dad for offering life lessons, Chris Lutz, Julie Magbojos, Brian and Yvonne Lutz, Craig Marshall, Scott Garen, Vivienne Kove, Nola and Greg Talmage, Rachel and Jessy Kove, Jenny Vincent, Kate Neligan, Bill Wade, Binnie and Irv Rem, Jason Rem, Renee Pinsky, Michelle Archer, Kim Everett and Pete Martin for meandering with me through relationships and celebrations and growth and revealing the true meaning of family, to Sue Bailey and Bill Miltenberger for caring and joking with me through childhood into life long friendships that remain in tact, ever loving and wholly insightful, to Teresa Mackey for effortlessly stepping into all her radiant glory, to Gena Kay and Roger Harrison for brilliantly showing up and making me laugh, to the always inspiring and bracingly intelligent Barry Bloom and his healing power house goddess of a wife Lisa Bloom and their two children, to the miraculous Chuck Hurewitz whose grace and intelligence provided an anchor through an ever flowing creative process. Life is so beautiful and it is an honor to participate to learn and to grow  together with Love.

BIEN S’AMUSER & Lots of Love




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