Love Activism: Mels Love Land #MiniMag Issue 14 | Literacy

It is reported that 30 Million Americans are unable to read. It is said give a girl a book and teach her to read and you ignite a generation. Love lights the way to write action. Literacy is the liberty to read and write. In this issue of Mels Love Land we tackle the many ways literacy will rise in the 21st Century as we put our attention and efforts on bringing love to literacy. All of our systems need to be re-aligned with love. Our world needs a reset. Every area, every neighborhood, from the top down, bottom up. Educate Reset Reform Revive Nourish with Love, Literacy and…

Wherever You are is Perfect.

The worlds we inhabit are always moving, interconnecting, overlapping, augmenting and extrapolating. We are in a time of an alchemical shift in consciousness. We can’t formulate from what we know, it is time to release anything that does not bring you peace. We can’t figure it out,…, the “why this?” or “how is that?” We…

You Matter to Me. The Universe is Always Listening.

There is a saying in earth wisdom traditions that the medicine lies within six feet of the poison. Nature places the problem and the solution in close proximity, it is the balance and harmony of nature at play. We are never left alone in our problems, there is always room as answer, for a miracle….

Next 100 | Day 93 | Be Willing To Surrender Everything

Today is an easy one, lift up your problems, your despair, your uncertainty, give it over, give it up, release it into a higher power, knowing source, free your mind and heart and soul of your burdens, become someone who is free from your shackles.   Next 100 | Day 93 | Be Willing To…

Next 100 | Day 92 | Don’t Be Insane

Fuck fear. It’s said nothing real can be threatened and nothing unreal exists. Do not assume anything, do not let Dr. Insane take over and run amuck. Back it up. Just STOP.   Next 100 | Day 92 | Don’t Be Insane Our minds are meant to be used in service of love. Anything else is in-sane-ity….