For the #Next100 Days I am Going to Consider the Possibility there is Another Way. #LoveLand’s 3rd Annual Feast of Love begins again September 22nd…

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beliefnet flight of the soul melanie lutz #loveland101 rainbow jesusOnly love is real.  Let’s take this moment to make a shift in our perceptions.  To choose to consider the possibility there is another way to look at what is in front of you, that Love always remains the answer.

Day One, only love is real, is the beginning and ending of every encounter.  Let this be in your heart song through all 100 days of your practice that begin with your consideration that there is another way.

If you only read and take in one day and put it into practice in every encounter, your life will expand Lovingly 1000 fold.  Today your tiny journey into the heart of Love begins, with the intention to speak clearly and with intention and to see with love.  With the idea to open up to your heart in ways up to now you only dreamed of.   To begin each day with loving thoughts and to end each night in the same space of your heart.

We are choosing to start this #Next100 on September 22nd.  You are welcome to join us, or you can take a journey each day and open your heart to new vision.  You can choose.  Starting 9/22 Love Land will offer some kick starters for loving thoughts and inspiration.  We will be distributing this to various online sources including the number on e inspiration and faith online source Beliefnet’s Flght of the Soul, and Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter all shared with so much love and grace and joy and glee to support massive shifts in perception from fear to love.

Take the pledge…

For the #Next100 I am going to consider the possibility there is another way. #LoveLand

#Next100 #LoveLand #Next Level #LoveinAction

For me, it is a commitment to think differently and to be love in each moment as a choice.

For the next 100 days

I am going to consider the possibility there is another way
I won’t talk about war, I will feel peace.
I won’t talk about what isn’t working. I will experience what is.
I won’t complain about what people don’t do. I will appreciate what they do.
Cura Et Labore “with care and work”
I am going to allow myself to be uplifted.
And. Be willing to see change. In a new light.
In what’s remembered. 

Join us September 22nd for a #nextlevel cycle of love and light in your life…

Welcome to Love Land’s Next 100.

Take the time to move past the ego to execute the task that is being asked of you.  To be more Loving.  In pushing past resistance you move past, if I felt like it, or is this something I enjoy doing, or if I had time in my busy schedule.

I offer all of this as a beginning into a new day for you.

It is hard for me to know what will resonate for you and I don’t have to.  I do know you have all the answers to your questions and wonderings and worrying.  The journey of Love continues.  Enjoy following along with me in a practice of getting very real about what love is and how it works in your life.

I can’t say that every day will be super profound or that I will find the perfect loving thought for each day, what I can say is.  In the effort is the reward and in the reward there will be a new space of being.

The rite of passage over 100 days represents an important understanding in decoding your world, to reconnect to principles, like remembering how to add 2 plus 2 to get 4 to move to 4 x 12 equals 48, to algebra and beyond.

Whether you base your world view on mathematics, science, religion, god, vibrations, energies, etc. everything in the universe is a harmony at play and in tune with cycles endlessly flowing.

“Show up for Love.

Nothing more is required.”

Love is all around. Love is in the room. Love is in my heart. Love is within.


It is okay for Love to seep into our body and mind and spirits. It is okay to let it transform our fear.  It is all okay to surround your intentions with love and release anything that is unwanted, not of the light and hanging around as a downer dragging my spirit into the ethers.

This is the moment when the winds of the angels delivers the message into the warmth of the soul revealing wisdom.

For me, this statement celebrates my graduation into loving myself.

All I can do I have done.  Where I have held myself back thinking there is something wrong with me in these 100 days I now release. Whatever patterns I have showcased in the past. I release.  Whatever comes up that has blocked a natural flow in moving forward with beautiful expressions and collaborations I release.  I release everything mentioned and unmentioned into the vientos de los angeles.

Any energies that have been directed in explaining what is a problem.  I now direct those energies to move into and nourish the expansion of creativity and love and co-creating all that is beautiful for a loving and fantastically peace-filled future.  My minions and my men at work set in action with Love.

Moving on there will be another week, another tomorrow and another breath. There will be another moment and there will be love.  Thank God I know only love is real and demonstrate that truth with all the days of my life.

These 100 days ahead will be a reminder all is loving, that endings are beginnings and fears and tears are our friends and these voices in my head can be helpful and are not here to hurt me.

Thanks for your patience and practice and love.

Enjoy and welcome to #MelsLoveLand #AllSystemsLove

Love, Mel

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Thanks for sending in your Love Land pledges and notes of gratitude!  We are 42 days into our #Next100 days for the Mel’s Love Land  that started on 9/23 and ends 1/1/2015.  If you want to go back to the beginning (Go here… Take Mel’s Love Land Pledge ) and join us in a mission to shift the love thinking on the planet to one where love is a social force at work in every community, or pick up with us for day 42.  The important thing isn’t that you follow any rules, just that you open your heart to making a shift to thinking with love.

Love-Sandra-Next100-Love-Land-Mel Love Land pledge Conscious Rockstar kate neligan


Print out your Heart of Intention, right down your commitment and share with your community, circle and friends.

Enjoy Considering the Possibility there is Another Way…


Melanie Lutz Mels Love Land Take the Pledge

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There is much to be done and you can help. Donate to the Being Love Land Documentary.

Please let us know if you have a loving idea to contribute.

Love, Mel

Here’s some Love sent our Way…

Sharing some notes IN Gratitude!!  Sometimes you just got to testify.

Dear Mel,

Just wanted to say thanks for your inspiration. (My theme is “cherish time”….and I repeat it in my head like a mantra when I need to get refocused.)

I want to let you know that I think you are Amazing, Magnificent and Phenomenal. Truly. 

What you express is so heartfelt and deep and touching and universal.  I thought you’d like to know how other people see you.  Thanks for inviting me to take the Pledge and for making such a powerful shift to LOVE!



Mels Love Land Arrives in Love Land, Colorado April 10th at “B” SWEET CUPCAKES IN LOVE LAND, CO with Filmmaker Melanie Lutz

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Filmmaker Melanie Lutz arrives in Love Land, Colorado to ask the question…

“What would the world be like If Love always remained the answer, if 80% of the thoughts flying in the air were loving?”

Imagine the possibilities of peace, productivity and prosperity on the planet. Imagine the shifts in perception.

MEL’S LOVE LAND invites you to experience the joy of remembering there is a love filled garden growing in your being and offers up some compassionate self loving tools to create your own personal Love Land wherever you live as a practice and a way of life.

Melanie Lutz shares an evening of laughs, light and tons of high vibrational loving thought as she celebrates with Dana Brungardt and “B” Sweet Cupcakes on their 4th anniversary as a destination for pure joy filled deliciousness.

Mel's Love Land Appearances Pink B sweet Cupcakes Love Land Co

Mel is often heard saying “Let your heart lead the way. No matter what you always arrive exactly where you are supposed to be.” In creating Love Land Mel wanted to blow the doors off how we interact with love in our lives to increase the healing energy that comes from honestly being love and giving and receiving love, to be in service in deepening the essential and critical human practice of loves power.

Her own trip into the compassionate heart of divine love and wisdom to tend and nourish her inner garden began with a voice repeating, “For the Next 100 days I am going to consider the possibility there is another way… I won’t talk about war. I will feel peace. I won’t talk about what isn’t working. I will experience what is. With care and work I am going to allow myself to be uplifted and be willing to see change in a new light in what is remembered” and did not stop.” Once this was written down the flood of loving thoughts did not stop. Consider the possibility there is another way as a gateway. As a simple and powerful statement, “Consider the possibility there is another way” opening up new vision to create a land of love beyond any circumstance that presents itself.

Start being loving in your life… RIGHT NOW. Join the love movement by taking the Next 100 Days Pledge AND For the next 100 days – consider the possibility there is another way!

“In this loving jolt to the system, Melanie Lutz’s beautiful words leave you feeling happy from the inside out with a song in your heart and a complete desire to create a new loving story that fills your life with joy.” – Enrietta Lee 

Love Land is not a place you can go to on a map it is an experience of yourself within. An experience of deep and abiding peace of mind, body and spirit, a place where you can wake up in full joy of your being and fully participate in every process of your life cuddling with the sacredness of your truest home, that space where love and forgiveness meets an open heart becoming a soulful force of nature.

For everyone who wants to experience more love today than they experienced yesterday. This evening is for you. Stay centered, be loving and come celebrate with cupcakes to “B” Sweet CUPCAKES. Mels Love Land is now available on Kindle and Mel is at work on a Be Love Land documentary to share the love.

May Love Land in the deepest spaces of your truest self and may the lightest touch of peace awaken all to your call.


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Melanie Lutz is a writer, producer and all around Magnificent woman living in Los Angeles, California.


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