Celebrate Love – Mels Love Land #MiniMag Intuition Issue 4

Celebrate Love – Mels Love Land #MiniMag Intuition Issue 4

Don’t forget to take this moment to celebrate all that you are and know how much you mean to the planet. May you hear the birds sing, see your streams begin to flow with new energy and may your steps be lightened, as everything seems easier as you go.

Enjoy Mels Love Land #MiniMag Intuition Issue 4 below or download the pdf here.

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Many thanks to all the Amazing, Magnificent and Phenomenal people that I am lucky and honored to know. That I met along my journey and who are with me every time I step onto a new stage or walk through a new door or open up to a new possibility. It is with deep appreciation that I celebrate everyone who participates, expresses their opinion and enjoys our loving community.

It is with gratitude that we put together this loving intuitive publication of Mels Love Land.  We do not always have all the answers, or all the time or anything that would be helpful to producing this #MiniMag, but somehow through the grace of Love. It gets out the door.  Thank you for being a part of celebrating our efforts as we celebrate you.

We wish you so much love as all the inter-connections unfold in the days ahead.
We look forward to planning our next Mels Love Land #MiniMag Issue 5 on FAITH.  If you have any ideas or suggestions to share with our loving community, please reach out at info@alwaysalice.com

Lots of Love and Joy and Peace and Possibilities…

My Thoughts are Teachers my teachers are Words and my Words give Flight to my Dreams

My thoughts are teachings my teachings are words my words give flight to my dreams

Through this blog I have been able to celebrate so many different beliefs, to consider new possibilities, to learn to dance with life as it comes in beautiful harmonies.

Divine Love and Wisdom Unfolds When Wisdom is Applied to Commitmentin that space of the heart. When we are lucky this space is in alignment with all that is.

“A wise old Owl sat on an oak, The more he saw the less he spoke, The less he spoke the more he heard, Why aren’t we all a bit more like that wise old bird?”

In the preface to Emanuel Swedenborg’s Divine Love and Wisdom the Latin Translator of the text talks about the sketch of a Roman Garden that adorned the title page of each of Swedenborg’s books under the phrase Cura Et Labore “with care and work.” The image of a beautiful garden with a cherub like Angel watering the plants tending to the well loved garden’s growth and harmony strikes to the core of any process.

It is a reminder of the wisdom and grace that exists when discipline is applied to commitment in realizing the fruits of our labor. It represents the opportunity for us to make manifest the joys of a life fully lived in divine Love. When we enrich each moment with care and work, making conscious choices. Free of the energies that keep us bound. We allow nature to take its course in harmony without calling out the struggle, we effortlessly step into the full beauty of existence.

Move into the garden of your being remembering everything is as it is. You are exactly where you are supposed to be and you know absolutely how to tend to your needs.

Swedenborg was one of the first and my favorite dude to express the idea of religion into the revelation of light and to translate the ideas into the concept of spirituality tramping through the late 1600’s through 1772, that all the doors lead to the same place. His roots into the ideals of mysticism are well documented and another of the Renaissance spirits who illuminated concepts outside of the current limitations of present conscious understanding.   Like Benjamin Franklin who would follow in Swedenborg’s self publishing divinely inspired writings Swederborg is an inspiration.   Men of vision and insight and continual curiosity expanding principles into the hearts and minds of humanity to lead the way forward to freedom.

Spending the beginning of a new year, another Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday weekend enjoying the spirit and love and all the wisdom imaginable celebrating how far on the journey to discover the truth I had come was the ultimate gift. I know how blessed I am to know what I know and to get to participate with so many of you in sharing this beautiful, wonderful life. Thanks again for all the miracles and thanks again for the laughs and most importantly thanks for all the memories.

thanks for Joining me for these Flight of the Soul inspirations on Beliefnet.com.

As we all begin new endeavors and new projects and new relationships while treasuring the old, as the days stretch forward filled with more and more light and love, may this new day bring you everything possible in service for the highest expression of who you are. May you live in the fullest expression of joy and happiness possible and may you always remember whatever your circumstance the center of inner peace is yours.

lots of love,


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Start with the Heart Mels Love Land #‎zebrackdesignlab

Faith in Ourselves and the Universe At Large Mels Love Land #Next100 Day

Consider the possibility today, everyone you meet is offering you a gift.  Let everything reveal itself exactly as it is exercising your inner musculature of not doing — and just be.

While you are practicing this new vision and interaction with the world at large, entertaining that certain inner stillness of amazingness– don’t forget…

“If there’s no one beside you when your soul embarks

I’ll follow you into the dark.”

Since there are always endless possibilities on interpreting the same words — here’s a fascinating cover of the Death Cab for Cutie’s I’ll Follow You Into the Dark by Amanda Palmer at the Edinburgh fringe festival…

Nothing to cry about.

May you feel connected, comforted and full of peace
Today. Now. Always.
May you be lead to a profound, blessed opening in your vision of what is
into all that awaits…
In Grace and appreciation,
honoring Melanie Lutz’s work of loving thoughts Mels Love Land.


Mels Love Land tackles the power of inspiration to fuel our dreams. Check out the latest #MiniMag download pdf here and click on a page below.

In the Days Ahead – may you be surrounded in love, may joy follow in the wake of your footsteps, may peace flourish and may abundance surround our souls. May you find #inspiration in your loving heart.

MELS LOVE LAND #MINIMAG – INSPIRATION ISSUE brought to you by your local STARBUCKS (we love seeing you a little later)

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Mel’s Love Land started with a simple idea and a voice repeating, ‘for the next 100 days I am going to consider the possibility there is another way…’ and has grown into daily inspiration, love and light, fully realized.  I started with what I could do. A newsletter launching Christmas Day years ago with the powerful practice of sending love and healing thought for 10 Days to celebrate the time between the birth of divine consciousness in human form to the kick off of a New Year to ignite experiencing more love today than the day before. It started with wishes to be more self loving with my actions coming from a healed and whole space in our being. That 10 Days of Mels Love Land newsletter, eventually became a book that included 40 Days of Love and finally after much resistance turned into Mels Love Land complete with 100 days of loving thought.

For whatever reason I needed an experience of 100 days of love in action as practice and commitment and discipline I showed up. Thank spirit and God and the universe for supporting me through all of what Mels Love Land has represented.  It has been quite something. So many blessings and so much sharing and so many miracles.  Miracles that most certainly have occurred naturally as expressions of love, all the love, and it fills my heart with great joy as I remember all the miracles I have had the privilege of witnessing this year.

For the the Kindle Edition of Mels Love Land that went on sale last year we had a little bit of fun with a smiles edition.  I roped in one of my most favorite people, and oldest friend, supremely funny comedy writer Sue Bailey to comment on some holiday pics, bringing laughter to the mix. In retrospect, laughter was a key ingredient to the Mels Love Land 2015. I share this today as a thank you for showing up for love. Much is required of our loving hearts and much will be done in service of our collective mission to heal the planet earth. Look forward to it.

In the meantime, ENJOY~!

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On the First Day of Mels Love Land….

-Anyone seen the cat?

Day One Mel's Love Land Where is the cat?









On the Second Day of Mels Love Land….

Hey Kids, wanna see what’s in Santa’s sack?

Day 2 Mels Love Land









On the Third day of Mels Love Land….

Now,  -Where’s that mistletoe?

On the Third Day of Mels Love Land










On the Fourth Day of Mels Love Land

-Baby it’s cold outside!

On the 4th day of Mels Love Land Baby It Is Cold Outside













On the Fifth Day of Mels Love Land

-I told you to lay off the egg nog!

on the Fifth Day of Mel's Love Land -I told you to lay off the egg nog!















On the Sixth Day of Mels Love Land

The Stockings were hung…

on the sixth day of mels love land Their Stockings were hung…









Tears Are Our Friends Day 21

When the way seems impossible.  When the journey ahead requires every ounce of faith, remember what lies within you is wholly free and lives in perfect peace.  You can do what you thought could not be done with love in your heart and justice speaking its truth.

Inspiration lies ever present in the heart…waiting for the well spring of Release.  That energy of love’s purest grace is made manifest through our soul’s code working in concert with our nature.  How we cultivate this powerful force of our being relates the ease at which we move through the world lending our imprints of love. Cultivating inspiration is a practice like anything else. Acting on the inner inspiration where the miracles happen.

Onward we march into the truth that never changes. Without ceasing.

As you extend Love you will realize that you did not make Love and that you are more than what you have made. You will be a happy learner of the lesson Love brings because It teaches you release from nothing and all the works of nothing. The heavy illusions that you project from a personal mind and that seem to bind you to despair you do not see are nothing until you extend Love in their place. And then you see your illusions have disappeared and so they must have been nothing. Because you teach Happiness and Freedom you will see Happiness and Freedom reflected back to you.  -ACIM

After all of it, after the journey is complete and the surrender has unfolded and the tears are
falling and it feels like they might never end, this passage from The Holy Bible: King James Version. 2000 The Revelation of St. John the Divine lights
the way for me.

And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither
sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.  And he that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new. And he said unto me, Write: for these words are true and faithful. And he said unto me, It is done. I am Alpha and Ome’ga, the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely.  He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son.

Love leads the way, the detox in the form of our tears is necessary and when it is written ‘I shall wipe away all tears.’  It means exactly that.  ALL tears are felt and heard and held.  This can be your comfort in the wake of whatever befalls your circumstance.  Faith is vision beyond what the eyes can see.  Take the soft focus of love and step into and through the fires of comfortability into the deeply refreshing air of the truth. 

There has been a lot going on this year, many ups and downs, many losses and tragedies, much to celebrate and so much love.  

May healing and light and joy flow in the days ahead allowing inspiration to rise from the depth of our heart and our tears as our friends leading the way to the inspiration of our soul.


Mels Love Land #MiniMag Issue 2 | Peace

Mels Love Land #MiniMag Issue 2 | Peace

Peace comes from knowing peace.  Love comes from wholly loving

Each life touches so many others and the single act of showing up to the truth is the most powerful expression of humanity we access, in which the ripple effects are staggering and lovely. Each of us are here to give and receive love, to be guardians of each others hearts with care and compassion and love showcasing a world filled with possibility extending peace throughout the planet in our wakt by celebrating who each of us is.  Guardians of each other, angels in and within our worlds.

In the Days Ahead  may you be surrounded in love, may joy follow in the wake of your footsteps, may peace flourish and may abundance surround all our souls.  May you enjoy, share and celebrate all the love that surrounds our lives.

Enjoy Mels Love Land Issue 2 | Peace …

download the pdf here

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